Why Exercise & Diet Is Important For Type 2 Diabetics

Those suffering from Type 2 diabetes can change their lifestyle by maintaining a healthy diet and increasing their day to day physical exercise activities. It is recommended by professionals and the ADA that a Type 2 Diabetic needs to maintain a healthy weight as well as maintain an exercise program.
A diet that is low in saturated fats reduce the risk of developing diabetes and scientists have proved that people that live a healthy life style whereby they get plenty of physical exercise and don’t smoke as well as take in low levels of alcohol are considered low risk as opposed to those that eat foods that are rich in hydrogenated fats and take in a high consumption of alcohol as well as smoke.
People that have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes are given oral medications, your doctor and your diabetes educator can go over the different types of medications, how each medication works and may even put you on a diet and exercise program without any medication. Diabetes management includes keeping the patient’s blood sugar levels as close to normal as possible and is maintained with the correct dietary management and exercise programs. There have been reported cases where a Type 2 Diabetic has to use both oral medication as well as insulin.
It has been proved that healthy eating has a positive impact on the symptoms as well as progression of Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. A well planned diet does not mean that a diabetic has to eat special foods. A diabetic needs to maintain a diet that contains whole grains, fresh vegetable and fruit and an intake of less saturated fat. Fats such as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats can be taken in moderation.
A Type 2 diabetic should not take any drastic diet measures such as low carbohydrate diets as this will only help short term as diabetes cannot be reversed and one needs to maintain a eating plan that lowers blood sugars as well as improves lipids and blood pressure. To devise the best eating plan a diabetic needs to visit a diabetic dietician. Your primary care doctor will be able to suggest a local dietician that specializes in diabetes.
Besides maintaining their diets diabetics need to participate in an exercise program and again there are no special diabetic exercises. An exercise program is usually devised that suits the patients needs. Any amount of exercise in better than none, walking is a very inexpensive way to start out. Some diabetics have already developed cardiac disease so yes their exercises will be different as they may not be able to do exercises that require exertion.
It is very helpful for both Types of diabetics to join a support group you can learn much from others and they will learn from you.

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