Weight Gain After Gastric Bypass Surgery

One thing I really thought about prior to my surgery was the mention of weight gain after gastric bypass surgery. Many people in the morbidly obese and obese communities think that having a gastric bypass procedure is the answer to their immediate weight loss needs, however you can experience weight gain after gastric bypass surgery if you are not willing to look at the whole picture of why you gained weight in the first place.

One of my greatest challenges after my gastric bypass surgery was listening to my stomach and realizing that my whole mind-set had to change along with the size of my pouch. I had all the worksheets provided by my surgical team on what I could eat and what I no longer could eat but the decision was mine. I decided that after taking such drastic measures to lose weight the least I could do for my own personal well-being was to listen to the surgical team including the nutritionists and follow the plan that they developed and perfected.

Gastric Bypass surgery is only a tool to help aid in weight loss, using that tool was up to me and how I used it would show up in a weight loss or a weight gain. None of us gained weight without playing the many mind games that we used to justify what we ate, when we ate and how much we ate. With each justification of eating we had set in motion new habits that were built upon old habits but with gastric bypass surgeries we now have to face our fears and habits, listen to our pouch, and grab a protein shake instead of a milk shake.

I’m now past the pureed stage, the blended stage, the chopped stage and graduated to regular food, everyday is a choice in do I eat a health selection of foods or do I think that I can slip in a few of my grandson’s fries. What it has come down to for me is do I want to live the life I had before gastric bypass surgery which wasn’t living at all or do I want to embrace the new me.

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