Wal-Mart – Lower Prescription Prices

Okay, I not a big fan of Wal-Mart but I don’t hate them either, however they are the only place that I know of that sells BSL monitors (Reli-On) for $8.88 and (Reli-On) test strips so cheap that you can almost buy double the strips for the same price as other companies.

So whats new with Wal-Mart??? Well they have announced the price lowering of 291 generic drugs to $4.00 per prescription (30 day supply) in Florida. This of course is only being tested in select stores, but they hope to get this in many States/stores during the up coming year. Now this is either really great PR work or Wal-Mart really is trying. Personally I don’t care which reason they are using, but if it is just a gimick then shame on them.

One of our biggest problems that face diabetics is how to pay for the sky-rocketing medicine that we take, how to buy quality food items to control our BSL and pay our household bills. Many (and I have done this) gamble with taking lower dosages to stretch the cost of meds because there simply is no other answer. I’m not saying that Wal-Mart is the answer to all of our problems but hopefully, thinking like this may put the pressure on the other big box store pharmacies to step up to the plate and play fair with us.

I hope that this works out for us! Well I’m stepping off the soapbox…

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