Type 2 Diabetes and Liquid Diets

I have fought weight all my life and I know that many type 2 diabetics also join me in this battle. I think we all are on some sort of an on-going diet that start every Monday and is shot to pieces by Friday.

I have finally come to the stage of looking into bariatric surgery and though I’m not excited about the procedure its self I went to the class that was mandatory. I did not know that before surgery you are put on a liquid diet to shed some pre-surgery weight.

After googling liquid diets I decided to use a product by, New Lifestyles. Their free samples beat out the two most well known liquid diets used by many doctors. The taste was great and the proteins, fats and carbs were in perfect ratio for the whole day. New Lifestyles even has a diet plan for type 2 diabetics that takes out all the guess work.

I printed off all their nutritional information and set up an appointment with my doctor to lay out my ideas, to get her input and to talk about how the diet would effect my blood sugar levels along with my medications. We agreed to start the liquid diet on a Monday so that I would have the whole week to be in contact with her if I started having problems.

I would be drinking a shake for breakfast, am. snack, two shakes at lunch, pm. snack and a evening snack. My dinner was not fully on the New Lifestyle’s plan but my doctor and I felt good about making dinners that included 2 cups of veggies, protein and a carb serving as long as it was high fiber.

Within 24 hours I notice the difference in my blood sugar levels (BSL) and by 48 hours my doctor was lowering my insulin units and my oral medications. I did not weigh-in until Friday and I had dropped 6.75 pounds and the following Friday I was down a total of 14.25 pounds. The best part was the energy I felt and the fact that for the first time in three years I knew something was working.

Because the liquid diet provided an even balance of proteins, fats and carbs throughout the whole day I did not feel hungry or shaky. The liquid diet is working for me and I’ve put the idea of surgery on the bottom of my list.

If you are considering a liquid diet program, please remember to be smart and talk with your diabetes doctor first. Each of us experience BSL highs and lows differently and communication your doctor is an important part of your diabetes management.

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