True Lemon & True Lime

I emailed a quick note to True Lemon this morning and ask if i could link them to my blog, within minutes they had replied with a resounding yes and with gifts for my blogging friends. Here a part of Heidi’s reply to me:

“Thank you so much. We would love that! Please let your readers know that they can request free samples (two packets of True Lemon, two packets of True Lime and a coupon.) Here’s the link:

and they can also sign up for a “Buy Two/Get One Free Coupon”, here’s the link for that:” Heidi C. Carney Vice President, Customer Relations

Nice folks, so check it out and get back to me on your True Lemon experience! All this lemon talk has made me think about dinner tonight, so here is the menu for tonight: Lemon-Lime Oven Baked Sea Bass.

I’m taking 1-2 lemon and lime packets along with coarse ground pepper and salt, sprinkling it on both sides of the Sea Bass and baking it in sealed foil, add some steamed veggies & couscous for a light dinner.
Take Care!

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