Tomato-Pesto Salmon Recipe

tomato-pesto-salmon I’m all about short-cuts and simplicity when cooking and this recipe is just that…

Tomato-Pesto Salmon

2 6oz. Salmon Fillets (wild)

Mix next four ingredients:
1 Tomato thin sliced
4 tbs. Pesto
Salt and Pepper

Shredded Parmesan

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees, Pam spay a shallow baking dish.
Place the two Salmon Fillets in the baking dish and cover evenly with pesto, top with thin slices of tomato, salt and pepper. Bake for 20 minutes or until Salmon begins to flake. During the last two minutes, top with parmesan cheese.

I served this for dinner last night with green salad loaded with lots of oven roasted veggies and a slice of garlic bread…

I’m trying hard to eat healthier, making wise choices in higher fiber carbs and kicking the “white habit”, white flour, white sugar, potatoes, etc. Although my weight is out of control, I’m trying to only change one thing at a time, so for now it is all about healthy meals. In many ways I know that my weight is a result of poor choices in food, exercise and lifestyle.

Enjoy the Tomato-Pesto Salmon!

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