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The Key To Controlling Diabetes.

Diet is the key to controlling your diabetes, but there is a large difference in how type 1 and type 2 diabetics approaches their menu planning. The coordinating of diet and insulin are curcial to the type 1 diabetic. A type 1 diabetic must understand the impact certain foods have on their blood sugar levels […]


Byetta and Gila Monsters

It was November of 2005 when it was announced that a “new” diabetes treatment co-produced by Amylin and Eli Lilly had been developed. Less than a year later Byetta would hit the market in June of 2006 with approval from the FDA. Byetta is similar to a human gut hormone, GLP-1 however Byetta is really […]


Byetta Offers New Option for Diabetes 2 Patients

Over 18 million people in the USA have diabetes with the majority of diabetics having Type 2 Diabetes. The Type 2 Diabetics have lost their ability to turn blood sugar into energy for one of two reasons, either they don’t produce enough insulin for their bodies to use or their bodies just don’t use the […]