Thai Peanut Slaw

I wanted to share this Thai Peanut Slaw recipe the other day but the water leak in the basement took priority over everything for a while. This is soooo very good and adding chicken is a plus.

Thai Slaw
3 1/2 cups shredded green/red cabbage
1-2 grated carrots
Place in large bowl, set aside.

2/3 cup peanuts thai-peanut-salad
1-2 tbs. toasted sesame seeds
3 thinly sliced green onions
Place in small bowl, set aside.

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Tomato-Pesto Salmon Recipe

tomato-pesto-salmon I’m all about short-cuts and simplicity when cooking and this recipe is just that…

Tomato-Pesto Salmon

2 6oz. Salmon Fillets (wild)

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Flaxseed, Diabetes & Heart Desease

My doctor recently suggested that I introduce Flaxseed to my diet so a little researching on Google I found this timely article… I found this in eDiets News. I’m sharing it with everyone I meet!

Flax and Diabetes: Taking Health to the Next Level
By Christine Miller eDiets Contributor

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Are You Eating The Right Carbohydrates?

By Hazel Leong

This is the technical meaning of “healthy fat.” Your body needs these fats to function properly, yet it doesn’t produce it on it’s own. Flax seed oils is the form in which the oil was extracted from the seed. Omega-3 fatty acids which contain the majority of flax seed health benefits are very susceptible to heat.

Flax seeds may come in different colors, but the colors don’t anything to do with the value of their nutrition. They are all equally beneficial to you.

One way to influence brain health through diet is to consume the right fats and oils.

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