True Lemon & True Lime

I emailed a quick note to True Lemon this morning and ask if i could link them to my blog, within minutes they had replied with a resounding yes and with gifts for my blogging friends. Here a part of Heidi’s reply to me:

“Thank you so much. We would love that! Please let your readers know that they can request free samples (two packets of True Lemon, two packets of True Lime and a coupon.) Here’s the link:

and they can also sign up for a “Buy Two/Get One Free Coupon”, here’s the link for that:” Heidi C. Carney Vice President, Customer Relations

Nice folks, so check it out and get back to me on your True Lemon experience! All this lemon talk has made me think about dinner tonight, so here is the menu for tonight: Lemon-Lime Oven Baked Sea Bass.

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Diabetes and Google…

I was thinking today about how Google has changed my life. When I was first introduced to the Google search engine I had just learned how to turn on my computer and find my email, all without asking my 12 year old son. With Google I had the world at my finger tips and my thirst for reading and learning was unending.

Diabetes and my health became a priority in my life and once again I was spending hours searching and reading everything I could find about this life changing disease, about the medicine I was taking and how to control it with proper eating and exercise.

With Google at our finger tips we cannot claim lack of knowledge about this disease or how to take care of it.

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Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

Diabetics need to be aware of their Blood Pressure and the effects that high blood pressure can have on their overall health. Many doctors ask their patients to try obtaining a healthy blood pressure level by first making lifestyle changes.

Here are some natural ways to prevent or reduce high blood pressure:

Stop smoking. Not only will this help keep your blood pressure in line, you’ll also diminish your risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The nicotine in just one cigarette can raise your blood pressure to above normal levels and it will take anywhere from 30-60 minutes for the blood pressure to lower. If you smoke throughout the day you will continue to be at risk.

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Diabetes and Managing Stress At Work

  • Stress is now known as a contributing factor to many major illnesses; including heart diseases, strokes and also, diabetes. Specifically, work related stress is associated to many metabolic syndromes including high cholesterol and triglycerides and high blood pressure. For diabetes prevention, it is therefore important that you manage your stress levels effectively.

    Diabetes is fast becoming a common disease. There are now 20.8 million children and adults in the United States, or 7% of the population, with diabetes. About two thirds of the 20.8 million people have been diagnosed. The remaining one third are still unaware that they have the disease.

    A study was recently done that involved over 10,000 men and women in the age group 35-55 years old. The study revealed that the more work related stress that a person had, the more likely he will be diagnosed with metabolic problems, including diabetes. In fact, people who work with chronic stress levels were found to have twice as likely to develop diabetes. Thus, researchers concluded that stress does increase the risk of developing a metabolic problem and/or diabetes.

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