Moving Without Stress – Don’t Count On It!!

As you can see by the dates, it has been close to two months since my last postings, but I’ve been experiencing new adventures in the form of what my husband refers to as,

Our Last Darn Move!!…

With just under two weeks notice we were transferred from the most beautiful Northern part of Montana to an equally beautiful Northern part of Idaho. This meant boxing up in the bitter cold of December, moving to a new area, finding out that our new home would not be ready for 18 days, moving everything into storage units, living in cheap motels, only three days of clothes with us, every meal eaten out, purse with all my ID’s & cards stolen, Christmas with family (more driving, but fun time) New Years in the Motel, then Yeah on January 4th at 5pm we get the keys, on the coldest day in years for this area plus the record-breaking wind, throw the mattress on the floor and sleep like babies!!!

Talk about stress!! I learned first hand how stress can mess up my blood sugar levels and truly mess with my emotional well being. I’ve been spending my time unloading boxes and forcing myself to get my eating habits back under control and trying to experience some normal BSL levels.

A good friend called to remind that I needed to take care of ME first and everything else will fall into place one day at a time. So instead of stressing over the major job of re-setting up a home, I decided to follow the advice and what a difference it has made…

When my BSL were high (300+) I was taking naps, walking from one area to another only to forget what I needed, cranky and wishing there was a Diet Pepsi in the fridge!!

Once I made my diabetes and BSL my main priority I found a renewed energy, I was awake and ready to start setting up our home. I/We need to realize that it is not selfish to put ourselves first. It actually benefits our families in the long run and we all are much happier.

Controled BSL’s = Better control in all the things around us!!

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