Knowledge and Action to Avoid Diabetic Complications

Knowledge and Action to Avoid Diabetic Complications

Continuous high levels of sugar/carb in the blood for long periods will produce diabetic problems that all of us dread. If high levels of blood sugar are not controlled you increase the risk of damage to your body. Our eyes, teeth, feet, nerves, kidneys, blood vessels & heart cannot handle the damages caused by excessive sugar in the blood.

Since there are ways to slow down or even prevent the damage we need to become knowledgeable of the danger with high blood sugar levels and even more knowledgeable of the progressive action that we can take to avoid or decrease the damages.

There are some very fundamental steps for those of us with diabetes that play a major roll in maintaining blood sugar levels and avoiding the problems that come high blood sugar levels.

Find a Doctor who listens.

Buy a blood sugar monitor

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