Health Care Support Teams ~ Part Two of Two

Health Care Support Team ~ Part Two of Two

Some doctors work with a Register Dietitian but if your doctor doesn’t, then just ask her/him to suggest one. A registered dietitian has training in how nutrition will play a major role in your diabetes. Having passed a national exam and in most cases they will also have either a master’s degree or will be a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE). It is important to make sure that your dietitian has training and experience with diabetes.

Your dietitian will discuss your personal food needs, the medication you take, goals related to your health and how to obtain your goals realistically.

As we grow older we should continue to meet with a registered dietitian as both our need for food and our diabetes will change over the years. It is helpful to refresh our nutritional knowledge by visiting the dietitian.

I’m including some of the helpful ideas/information and hints that my dietitian brought up to me and if your dietitian doesn’t mentioned them just ask.

1. She told me about two really great cookbooks that she uses all the time, plus she gave me some recipes that turned out to be favorites.
2. I learned all about food labels, nutritional needs and planning my daily food needs.
3. When I’m sick, my dietary and blood sugar levels will be affected. The dietitian was very informative in how to handle my sick days.
4. My family likes to eat out on weekends and I now know how to best plan for eating out, company parties, and eating at friends homes.

Diabetes Nurse Practitioner (registered nurse) or Nurse Educator will have training and a background in the self-care and teaching day-to-day living with diabetes. They will teach you:

1. What your type of diabetes is and how it differs from other types of diabetes.
2. How to know when your blood sugar is low or high and how your blood glucose monitor will help you keep it in check.
3. If you will be taking insulin they will teach how to give yourself shots and the different areas to use.
4. How to track your diabetes by recording your meals and blood glucose levels.

There are three other professionals that are very important to our Health Care Team and they are an Optometrist/Ophthalmologist, a Dentist and a Podiatrist. You should have your eyes, teeth, and feet checked on a yearly schedule. Remember to always ask each of these professionals about their Diabetic Cliental and their knowledge of diabetes.

Remember these professionals are YOUR TEAM, you must be comfortable with each of them.

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