Gluten Free Diets Help Control Diabetes

Diabetics who are living a gluten free lifestyle are seeing a significant decrease in their blood sugar levels (BSL.) Combining the gluten free diet with a regular workout program and you will experience lower BSL, and an increased energy level and a much healthier outlook.

First you have to understand what gluten is: Gluten is a protein that is found in grains, this particular gluten protein cannot be digested by people suffering with the disease known as Celiac. The gluten free diet was created to help the millions of people that have Celiac disease, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Diabetes and Wheat Allergies. Finding foods and recipes that are free from wheat, barley, rye, bulgur, semolina, farina, kasha, matzo meal, and oats can be a problem at times. (Oats are gluten free, however they are frequently processed in the same factories as wheat. Look for gluten-free labels on all oat packages) Gluten can be found in food additive that stabilize and thicken foods that are processed including many alcoholic beverages. For those with Celiac, IBS and Allergies the gluten free diet is a total commitment to being 100% gluten free.

Finding gluten free foods and recipes that my whole family would eat three meals a day was a challenge until I read about a former executive chef and owner of a 100% gluten-free, sugar-free, low-glycemic, organic, allergy-friendly restaurant, who compiled all her recipes into a delicious gluten-free cookbook. My family was won over by the desserts!

The large majority of people on gluten free diets, know that gluten free is not an either/or lifestyle it is a commitment to a way of eating. For me as a diabetic, I find recipes of gluten free eating has allowed me more control with my diabetes and I have been able to reduce my diabetes medications.

For further information on Gluten Free Recipes I would invite you to check out this delicious Gluten Free Cookbook. Bon Appetite!

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