Diabetic’s Superfruit The Maqui Berry

What makes the Maqui Berries a superfruit for diabetics? Diabetes is more than just blood sugar levels it is cardiovascular disease, inflammation all over, arthritis and yes our blood sugar levels. Dr. Juan Hancke, who is a medical doctor, has spent several years of intensive research into this super berry and his findings are very interesting.

These are a few of the things that make the Maqui Berry so beneficial to us and along with the many natural compounds that are found in very high amounts.

  1. Maqui is unusually high in anthocyanins (the purple pigmentation,) which are called delphinidins. In fact scientific research has shown that the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) rating of maqui berry contains more disease busting antioxidants than any other well known Superfoods, including concord grapes, cranberries, the goji berry and the very popular acai berry.
  2. Delphinidins are a potent anti-inflammatory and help to decrease the effects of inflammation of degenerative diseases like; cardiovascular disease, arthritis (Inflammatory diseases are basically any illness that end in “itis”) and diabetes.
  3. Cardiovascular disease is brought on by oxidation of cholesterol which contributes to strokes, heart attacks and your arteries hardening. The antioxidant in Maqui berries will help in the prevention of oxidation.
  4. Diabetics seem to have a lot to gain by eating Maqui berries, drinking the juice or taking daily supplements. It can help aid in the suppression of blood glucose, prevent the forming of new fat cells by leveling out your highs and lows. The bonus for the diabetic using Maqui berries is that when your blood sugars level out your body stops the forming of new fat and will benefit you in controlling your weight.

Do ask your Doctor or Health Care Giver about trying Maqui Berries in place of your prescribed drugs for just a trial period, the fact that there are no side effects to taking Maqui Berries will be beneficial to your bodies overall wellness. Remember that your Doctor needs to always be consulted before you make any changes in your medication (I don’t say this to protect myself and my website, I say this because you have responsibility to yourself and your own health care.)