Diabetes, Colas & Osteoporosis

In the past I’ve been called a Pepsi-Cola addict, so it was a blow to my day when I started reading about the new findings of Cola drinks and it’s affect on Osteoporosis. It was bad enough when as a new diabetic I had to make the switch from the regular full bodied taste of Pepsi-Cola to that of Diet Pepsi with it’s unique after-taste, but now we women take another hit with the findings about colas and osteoporosis.

There is a new study out recommending women cut back on diet cola drinks. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, stated in a recent study that women drinking cola were found to have lower bone mineral density, they have come out with a report that diet cola in linked to osteoporosis in women.

These findings were based on colas and found that women who consumed 4+ servings of cola in a week were more likely to have low-bone mineral density, according to Dr. Sahar Kamel

It doesn’t seem to matter much whether it is diet or regular colas and scientists have yet to find a reason for the link between colas and osteoporosis, though they suspect that it may be the phosphoric acid found in the colas. Phosphoric acid is absorbed into our blood and that leads to the leaching of calcium from our bones making the bone density decrease.

So how much should we/can we, drink when it comes to the risk of osteoporosis? Well the researchers are telling us to limit ourselves to one can a week. Yup, you read that right, “One Can A Week”.

I for one, am a major cola drinker who thought she was doing great when I had cut back from 3-4 colas to one can of cola a day. So my job now is to cut back even further.

My favorite replacement drinks are:

Ice cold water with True Lemon or True Lime
Ice cold black or green tea with herbal-mint
Hot water with True Lemon
Iced or Hot Guayaki’ Yerba Mate’ (I love the Orange Blossom & the Mint)
Diet 7-up

Post back and let us know what you are doing to change your cola addiction…

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