Diabetes and the Leptin Hormone

Everyone is effected by two hormones in our bodies that regulate our hunger levels, they are Leptin and Ghrelin.

For nearly a decade, we have been hearing that the hormone “Leptin” has a very important role in its fat-burning ability in people. But still unknown is the understanding of how and why the Leptin hormone works.

Brown Medical School and Rhode Island Hospital and at Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center the research teams have found that leptin activates the production of the active form of a peptide in the small area at the base of our brains, controling hunger and metabolism. Produced by fat cells, our leptin levels tell our brains when our bodies do or don’t need more food.

Leptin and our sleeping habits seem to be the secret to obesity. Sleep plays a major role in regulating leptin levels and controlling our appetite. During sleep leptin levels rise, but leptin levels are dependent on the duration of our sleep so when we are deprived sleep our nervous system activates hormones that will lower leptin levels. It is the low levels of leptin that are connected to obesity by telling our brains that we need food and increases our appetites. When our bodies are receiving enough sleep then leptin levels are higher and telling the brain that it has enough food which shuts down our appetite.

My personal opinion is that receiving enough uninterupted sleep each night (7-8 hrs.) may be one of the cheapest ways to help control our obesity, in both adults and in children.

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