Diabetes and the Ghrelin Hormone

The hormone Ghrelin is a peptide which is produced by our stomach, increasing our food intake & body weight. When our stomachs empty it releases a chemical telling us that we are hungry and the hungrier we become the more ghrelin is released until our will power is destroyed and fall prey to the left over pizza in the fridge. Once the stomach receives healthy foods the ghrelin hormone levels decrease.

High levels of ghrelin are a problem for people that are obese or diabetic, and yet there are things that we can do to lower our ghrelin levels.

1) Make healthy food choices by eating a diet higher in fiber, this will send messages to your stomach that is full, decreasing the production ghrelin for a longer period of time.
2) Figure in snacks when planning your day, a handful of walnuts, a V-8, slices of turkey.
3) Sleep! When we get 7-8 hours a night our bodies produce higher levels of leptin which acts as an appetite suppressant. The higher the leptin the less we eat.

Remember we want to decrease levels of ghrelin in our stomachs and increase the leptin levels by recharging our bodies with sleep.

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