Diabetes and Google…

I was thinking today about how Google has changed my life. When I was first introduced to the Google search engine I had just learned how to turn on my computer and find my email, all without asking my 12 year old son. With Google I had the world at my finger tips and my thirst for reading and learning was unending.

Diabetes and my health became a priority in my life and once again I was spending hours searching and reading everything I could find about this life changing disease, about the medicine I was taking and how to control it with proper eating and exercise.

With Google at our finger tips we cannot claim lack of knowledge about this disease or how to take care of it.

What I love most is the unlimited access to recipes, if you spend any time at all online you will find recipes for diabetics. My favorite site is http://allrecipes.com/diabetic-recipes.asp this is the diabetic section of http://allrecipes.com

Well, google around…

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