Diabetes and Flying With Medicine

My husband recently surprised me with a trip to Hawaii, now please don’t think that this is common for us to just pick-up and fly somewhere. This would be our first trip “in 31 yrs” that did not include visits to family and would be without our boys! We were really excited!

I immedietly thought of all the new rules for flying and as a Type 2 Diabetic, I would need to take shots in-flight. I needed to find out what to do about my insulin, byetta, oral medications and 2 kinds of needles.

I decided to call not only the airlines we would be flying on but a few others, just in case we had to make any changes. All the airlines were great about explaining what all I would need for my trip so I’m passing them on…

A letter from my doctor including:
Doctor’s name, office name and phone numbers
A detailed list of all medications
Instructions of how the medications are to be taken
The types of needles used for each medication

I also needed to make sure that all medications:
Were in original containers “with” correct labels
That the labels matched the doctor’s letter (above)

I bought a folding insulated lunch bag with ice packs, stuffed everything into it and made two copies of my doctor’s letter, one I carried with me and one went into a ziploc bag that stayed with my medication bag.

When we went through airport security I simply opened the bag and the letter… It was a beautiful trip full of memories and without any glitches when boarding!

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