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Recommended Exercise Guidelines for Type 2 Diabetics

Who would of thought that there would be exercise guidelinesĀ geared for Type 2 Diabetics. I like so many type 2 diabetics, are allergic to exercise and we have some extremely unique reasons for not exercising. However, I was in the mood to think about the possibility of taking my 30 minute a week workout to […]


Why Exercise & Diet Is Important For Type 2 Diabetics

Type 2 diabetes can change their lifestyle by maintaining a healthy diet and increasing their day to day physical exercise activities.


What Type 2 Diabetics Needs In a Liquid Diet Plan

Type 2 Diabetics can successfully use liquid diets to help them lose weight. Talk with Doctor to see if you will be getting enough nutritional value throughout each day along with your lean dinner, the success of liquid diets is that your nutritional need are met which decrease highs and lows.