Big Train’s Fit Frappes Are Great For Diabetics

One of the things that I have had to regrettably give up due to my Type 2 Diabetes was frozen blended Chai drinks. But that ended a month ago with my rediscovery of Big Train’s Fit Frappe and it is great for diabetics! The biggest problem has always been the sugar content in blended drinks but Big Train takes their Fit Frappes to a new level of blended and hot drinks with a perfect blend of protein and carbohydrates.

Fit Frappe is made with casein protein smooth creamy taste unlike other whey products that usually leave us with a chalky protein aftertaste. Fit Frappes contain 20g protein, between 1 & 2g sugar, 5g fiber, only 3.5g of fat, 19 vitamins and minerals, and only 130 calories in a 16fl oz serving, with Fit Frappe you can use it as a meal replacement, a morning boost, or a mid-afternoon guilt-free snack.

Fit Frappe comes in three non-coffee flavors, (Chai, Chocolate, and Caffeine Free Vanilla) and three coffee flavors (Mocha, Espresso & Vanilla Latte) so there is a great variety to choose from.

I usually drink frozen blended Chai’s however lately I’ve just been using my plastic shaker container and Fit Frappe is so smooth that it blends in a matter of seconds without lumping! The other night however I thought a hot chocolate sounded good but the experience was a disaster of lumps, so I remade it with cold water in my shaker and heated it up and then topped it with a squirt of whip cream! fit-frappe

I owned a coffee house & café for a little over five years and Big Train was one of my top selling mixed drinks so when they came out with their new line of Fit Frappe’s I knew that I could buy with the confidence that the product would not disappoint me and it didn’t. As a diabetic I love that my blood sugar levels are not effected by my once to twice a day indulgences.