Information for Diabetic Newbies

Years ago when I was just learning how to search the internet I came across an article by David Mendosa called Advice for Newbies. Well I found it again and I can’t believe how relevent it still is today, you can find it at his site and plan on spending some time at his site because he is on top of what we are going through and you’ll find yourself surfing all over his website.

For the first time in many years I am without an “out of the house” job, it is because of this fact that I am blogging, learning to take care of me first, eating better, watching my blood sugar levels and trying to stay more active.

I am discovering more about my diabetes and how I’m abusing myself by thinking that I can play games with my health and win. We (me) can change many things in our lives but with diabetes I’m finding that it is unchanging and destructive in its’ effect on my body, if I don’t make the right changes then the diabetes wins.

Its a bone chilling, rainy day so I’m throwing together a crockpot veggie soup for dinner, and doing a little housecleaning (yuk). More later…

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