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Knowledge and Action to Avoid Diabetic Complications

Knowledge and Action to Avoid Diabetic Complications Continuous high levels of sugar/carb in the blood for long periods will produce diabetic problems that all of us dread. If high levels of blood sugar are not controlled you increase the risk of damage to your body. Our eyes, teeth, feet, nerves, kidneys, blood vessels & heart […]


Wal-Mart – Lower Prescription Prices

Okay, I not a big fan of Wal-Mart but I don’t hate them either, however they are the only place that I know of that sells BSL monitors (Reli-On) for $8.88 and (Reli-On) test strips so cheap that you can almost buy double the strips for the same price as other companies. So whats new […]


Information for Diabetic Newbies

Years ago when I was just learning how to search the internet I came across an article by David Mendosa called Advice for Newbies. Well I found it again and I can’t believe how relevent it still is today, you can find it at his site and plan on spending some time at his […]